The nose, as the main element of the face, is responsible for maintaining the balance, proportion and harmony in it. It’s  shape usually is the result of heredity. A distorted size, shape or position can have a significant impact on overall appearance and attractiveness. That’s why the precision of the nose correction (or the rhinoplasty treatment) is so important. Here you need someone who understands complicated anatomical relationships and has surgical artistry, developed over years of practice. Only such a doctor will perfectly match the nose to the features of the face, thanks to which the effects of the surgery will be natural and in line with expectations.


For whom?

Rhinoplasty is aimed at men and women dissatisfied with the appearance of their nose due to:

  • The size that is disproportionate to the rest of the face
  • Nose profile with humps or depressions
  • Extended or asymmetrical nasal holes
  • The tip of the nose, which is too narrow, pointed, broad or sloping

The qualifications of dr Szymon Kolacz make it possible to realistically assess the scale of the problem and the scope of the necessary correction of the nose. These two aspects also determine the choice of an operating technique that will allow to adjust the shape of the nose to the specific needs and proportions of the patient’s face. In some cases, dr Kolacz may recommend an additional procedure, which, combined with rhinoplasty, will give even more satisfying results.


Rhinoplasty – before surgery

It is very important to know before surgery what are your expectations and desired outcome. Going for a consultation dr Kolacz calmly listens to all doubts and expectations related to nose surgery, and also gathers a medical history to make sure that there are no contraindications. Bearing in mind that each patient has a different goal of surgery, he will select the operating method individually and inform about the achievable results. You will have to stop smoking for at least 30 days before surgery.


What does the nose correction surgery look like?

Open nose correction

With this procedure, the incisions are made on the nose column and in the nasal vestibule. Such location and a special incision method (Z or V shape), make the scars almost invisible. It also allows easier access to the internal structure of the nose, thanks to which the nose correction performed by the doctor can be extensive and with spectacular effects. Rhinoplasty is performed, in most cases, using general anesthesia. The operation may take two hours or more, depending on the complexity and scope of the correction required. The incisions are placed so that the doctor has access to the structure of the nose, and then could create an attractive shape and desired size of the nose – small external incisions on column and internal in vestibule of the nose. After making the necessary correction, small sutures are assumed, which are removed on the 5-7 day.  Splints and tubes will support new shape of the nose for next few days. After the nose correction surgery under general anesthesia, the patient spends a short time in the hospital. After being discharged home requires constant care of a loved one for 24-48 hours. Thanks to this, recovery is safe and comfortable.



After the operation of the nose, the patient can expect bruising. The nose may also require temporary immobilization with a special dressing or rails. This is to keep it in the desired position. Before being discharged from the clinic, the patient receives detailed recommendations that must be followed in order to make the recovery without any complications in the most comfortable and quick way. Return to regular activity usually takes place after two weeks, although with more strenuous exercise you should wait until you have fully healed.