Breast augmentation with fat tissue

Breast augmentation with fat tissue


Autologous fat transfer is a procedure in which it is removed from one area of ​​the body and placed in the breast. We offer our Patients an improved procedure of fat implantation, thanks to which the effects are even better.

Exceptional effects thanks to unique technology

To ensure the highest quality of performed procedures, each stage of fat transfer was appropriately optimized. The process of obtaining fat from areas such as the abdomen, hips or buttocks and processing it and preparation for injection is very effective. Thanks to this, the area from which fat tissue has been removed is also smooth and clearly thinner.

The next stage, i.e. the injection of fat, must be made extremely scrupulously. The experience of a doctor in this area is a guarantee for a long-lasting, natural effect. Only the correct transplantation of the tissue, using the appropriate technique, will achieve the desired effect, while minimizing discomfort and scars after the procedure.

For whom?

To qualify for surgery, breast augmentation with fat tissue patient must have enough unwanted fat to get. Fat cells are usually removed from larger areas of the body such as the abdomen, back, hips and thighs. Fat cells can be removed from more than one area at a time, so as to obtain a sufficient amount of material to enlarge the cup.



The use of this method has many benefits, including:

  • Breast enlargement
  • Subtle, natural and long-lasting effects
  • Correction of minor imperfections and asymmetries
  • No cuts, and thus visible scars
  • Getting rid of unnecessary fat from one or several places
  • No risk of implant rupture

Breast augmentation with fat tissue – before surgery

During the initial consultation, the doctor will explain the entire procedure and suggest the best way to obtain body fat using different liposuction techniques. During the consultation, the doctor, together with the patient, prepares a detailed treatment plan and discusses the desired results of breast augmentation. In order for the Patient to feel comfortable and confident with the decision he has made, the doctor will answer all questions and try to dispel any doubts. After the visit, the patient should be sure what effects can be expected after the operation and what the medical procedure and the healing process will look like.


How does the breast augmentation procedure work?

The operation consists of several stages.

The first is the liposuction procedure, usually performed under local anesthesia. Only in certain situations is general anesthesia indicated. The doctor makes small incisions to allow the insertion of a cannula that will relax and remove fat cells from the body. The incisions are often so small that they do not require stitches, and the scars after them are completely or almost invisible.

The next step is to prepare the removed fat cells for the injection process. While the patient is resting after liposuction, the cells are cleaned in a centrifuge and placed in syringes.

The last stage is the injection of adipose tissue to the breast. Infusion points are strategically placed to create a naturally fuller bust while hiding minor imperfections and creating a perfectly smooth breast profile.

Each stage takes around 60 minutes.



The patient is discharged home within a few hours of completing the procedure. In the first days after the procedure you can expect edema and pain, which can be relieved by painkillers. Return to everyday activities usually takes place within one week.

The effects of both liposuction and breast augmentation will be visible within a few weeks of the operation. Places from which the adipose tissue has been removed will be slimmer and more smooth, and the breasts will gain a fuller, natural shape. Thanks to such effects, the patient gains more confidence, able to wear clothes she has previously avoided.


Before the surgery, the doctor always discusses with the patient the desired result of the surgery, as well as her fears and doubts. Whether a patient is qualified for surgery depends on several factors that will be discussed in detail during the initial consultation. If breast enlargement with fat tissue is not possible (due to medical indications or expectations of the patient), the doctor will suggest a different, alternative method. If you want to find out whether it is possible to enlarge your breast with fat tissue, make an appointment today.