The first visible signs of aging, usually appearing around the eyes, may encourage you to seek an effective way to fight the passage of time. Fortunately, this way is at hand. Skillfully done injections of botox restore youthful, fresh and natural look for many months.

Botox® was first used for medical purposes long before it began to reign in the field of aesthetic medicine. Today, the treatment with the use of this preparation is considered one of the best anti-wrinkle treatments, but at the same time it is still used for medicinal purposes. Helps to deal with, among others with chronic migraines, excessive sweating and incontinence. Although botox injection is considered a relatively safe procedure, it is worth it to be performed by an experienced doctor who knows how to get the most natural effect.


For whom?

Botox® most effectively deals with mimic wrinkles, which initially appear only with a specific facial expression, e.g. smile or brows but as time pass more new ones are visible.

Botox removes the most frequently:

  • Horizontal wrinkles on the forehead
  • Parallel vertical lines between the eyebrows
  • Small wrinkles in the outer corners of the eyes (so-called crow’s feet)

The final decision on qualification for the procedure is made by the doctor, assessing whether there are indications for its implementation. In some cases, it may recommend injecting skin fillers instead of or in combination with Botox to get the best result. It can be, for example, fat transfer, which can be successfully combined with injection therapy. An experienced doctor, with many possibilities, a wide range of treatments and appropriate skills, will adapt the methods to the individual needs of the patient and obtain the best and most natural effects.


What is the procedure for botox injection?

Botox is an outpatient procedure – injections are performed in the doctor’s office in just a few minutes. Thanks to the use of a very fine needle, most patients do not use any anesthesia. Sometimes, with the Patient’s comfort in mind, you can use a local anesthetic cream. Puncture is performed in facial muscles, and the drug is designed to “loosen” it, causing the filling of wrinkles and smoothing the skin. The effects can be seen after only a few hours of the procedure.



After the surgery, the patient can immediately return to work or other activity. In the injection site, you may get a slight swelling or bruising, which can easily be hidden under make-up. In most cases, the procedure does not involve any other discomfort. The first effects are visible after a few hours, and the final results after a few days and usually last for 3-4 months.

Botox® is a proven method to improve your appearance when signs of passing time are already visible. Make an appointment today and get rid of wrinkles in a quick and reliable way.