Breast lift

Breast lift


Breast lift (mastopexy) is an operation for women who have noticed significant changes in the appearance of their breasts. Not only pregnancy and breastfeeding cause relaxation and loss of firmness, and thus – a decrease in satisfaction with your appearance. Unfortunately, it is also the negative effects of the passing of time, and sometimes also significant weight loss.

The operation of lifting the breasts restores a youthful appearance and improves the overall outline of the upper body. Due to the fact that it does not increase breast size or volume, it is often combined with breast enlargement using implants or fat transfer or in certain situations reducing them.


For whom?

Breast lift is an operation aimed at patients of any age who have one or more of the following problems:

  • breasts are at a much lower point than originally
  • the skin, nipple and cap are stretched and flabby
  • breasts have lost their volume
  • the nipples are pointing down or are located lower than the breast


Breast lift – before surgery

An important point in the breast lift procedure is the initial consultation, during which the aesthetic goals that the Patient wants to achieve are determined. It is also the moment for the doctor to answer all questions and dispel doubts related to the operation. The doctor also discusses the medical history of the patient and qualifies her for the procedure, making sure that the technique guarantees the desired results.


What is the procedure for breast lift?

Breast lift is most often performed under general anaesthesia. In some situations, local anaesthesia is also taken into account. The doctor before the procedure discusses both options with the patient and makes the best decision for her.

The incisions are made around the nipple areola and often in the lower part of the breast, which allows the removal of excess skin and tissue and the change of the breast position to the desired position. If the nipple and the areola are in the wrong position (too low), you can move them so that you get the best end result. The wound is closed with dissolvable sutures and scar is very thin and linear. The whole procedure takes around 2 to 2.5 hours.


After the surgery, the patient returns home most often the next day. Discomfort and pain are relieved with oral analgesics. Most patients return to full fitness and normal life in 1-2 weeks. More intense physical exercise is recommended after 4 weeks. During that time you will have to wear sport bra.

Proper breast lift will ensure satisfaction and long-lasting results, improving the appearance of the patient and positively affecting her well-being. As with any medical procedure, however, it involves risks that the Patient should be aware of. That is why it is so important to cooperate with your doctor and trust him. Only then will the result be in line with expectations. We invite you to the initial consultation with Dr. Kolacz, during which you can make the right decision.