Inverted nipple

Inverted nipple


Inverted nipples can impair self-confidence, especially in intimate situations. They can also make breastfeeding more difficult. Inversion of the nipple is often caused by a narrowing of the milk ducts and fibrous tissue in the breast, so that the nipple is sucked in. This situation can only apply to one nipple or both. The procedure for reversing the inverted nipple is characterized by a high success rate and is associated with slight discomfort, especially if it is performed by an experienced physician.


For whom?

The procedure is aimed at women who want to give their breasts a natural look and thus gain more confidence in different situations.


What is the operation of treating a inverted nipple?

Repair of the inversion of the nipple is performed under local anesthesia and consists in making incisions inside the capsule, which allow to release the fibrous tissue underneath. An experienced plastic surgeon leaves the milk ducts intact to preserve the ability to breastfeed. After the treatment, a protective device is used to maintain the proper position of the nipple during healing. Procedure takes around 30-60 minutes.



The patient can usually return to daily activities within 2-3 days after the procedure, and to more physical activity after 2-3 weeks. The sutures used during the treatment will dissolve within two weeks and the healing process will be completed by that time. The visible effects are very natural and usually permanent – the inverted nipples should not be more of a source of frustration and shame.

If you want to learn more about this procedure, please contact Dr. Szymon Kołacz, who will provide detailed and comprehensive information on this procedure.