Neck lift

Neck lift


It’s true that most anti-aging treatments are focused on the face. When, however, the neck begins to attract attention, and in a negative context, it is worth to act. Remedy for skin sagging and folds around the neck, which are associated with the “neck of a turkey”, and even small, subcutaneous pockets of fat under the chin – is a neck lifting. The treatment, the effects of which are very long-lasting, restores the youthful appearance to the skin and reverses the unpleasant effects of the passing of time.

The neck lift is performed alone or in combination with a face lift – depending on the individual needs of the patient. Broad medical knowledge of dr Szymon Kołacz and his practical knowledge of neck anatomy will enable a safe rejuvenating treatment that will bring beautiful, natural results. In addition to surgical facelift, he also offers non-surgical solutions for patients with early signs of aging who are not yet ready for more invasive action.


For whom?

The neck lift is a treatment for patients with advanced aging symptoms who do not respond to non-surgical treatment or for patients with moderate skin aging symptoms who want to achieve long-lasting rejuvenation effects.

The symptoms of aging that reduces neck lifting are:

  • Excess fat under the jaw, i.e. double chin
  • Excess loose skin at the front of the neck, i.e. “Turkey neck”
  • Horizontal skin belts around the neck
  • Single fat deposits on the neck

The neck lift, combined with the face lift or not, can additionally go hand in hand with liposuction, which will even slimmer the contour and soften the profile.


Neck lift – before surgery

During the initial consultation, the plastic surgeon evaluates the appearance of the Patient and selects the technique to his individual needs. It is also necessary to have a full medical history, thanks to which the doctor makes sure that the surgery can be safely carried out. It is also the moment to provide all information about the operation itself and the process of recovery. You should quit smoking for at least 30 days.


What does the neck lifting surgery look like?

The neck lift is usually performed under general anesthesia, but in some cases local anesthesia is used. The incisions are made around the earlobe, in the natural wrinkles of the skin, to minimize visible scars after surgery. If necessary, you can also make an incision under the chin. In this way, loose skin and adipose tissue are removed, and liposuction is used if necessary (fat is sucked off with a cannula inserted through the incisions on the skin). Wound are closed with thin sutures leaving almost invisible scar. Sutures are removed 6-7 days after the surgery.



The patient is discharged home on the same day, although it is necessary to wear a special collar that helps to minimize swelling. Minor swellings and swelling are a natural reaction of the body and usually disappear within 2-3 weeks. Most patients return to work and other activities after 7-10 days, although it is necessary to reduce forced exercise for the next two weeks, so that the neck can heal completely.

The final effects of the facelift will be visible after the bruises and edema disappear. They are usually long-lasting, although over the years it is difficult to prevent further signs of skin aging. The effects of the operation can be extended by using sun protection and high quality face and neck skin care products.