Otoplasty restores a harmonious and proportional look to both children and adults. Ear surgery, as one of the few plastic surgeries, is suitable for patients of all ages. Dr Szymon Kolacz, thanks to the rich experience, medical knowledge, but also the unique sense of aesthetics and attention to detail, can make the effects of plastic surgery of the ears extremely successful.


For whom?

Otoplasty is a relatively simple procedure that is suitable for adults and children from six years, as long as the ears are fully mature. It is important for children undergoing this procedure to be able to follow the instructions of the physician and not to be overly concerned about the operation. Adults who want to undergo otoplasty surgery should be healthy and have realistic expectations about its effects.

Otoplasty can correct the following ear imperfections:

  • Disproportionate in relation to the head and face
  • Protruding ears
  • Asymmetry in size, shape or position
  • Pointy ears
  • No desired effects after the previous ear operation


Before surgery, otoplasty

Initial consultation is an important meeting, especially if the child is to be subjected to the procedure. It is important here to establish a relationship with the doctor, as well as to understand what the child can expect after the surgery. If possible, both parents should participate in the consultation to help prepare the child for the procedure and provide him with a safe regeneration. Both parents and the child will have the opportunity to ask questions so that everyone can feel comfortable with the decision.


What does the ear surgery look like?

Otoplasty is performed in outpatient settings. In adult patients, local anesthesia is the most common, and in children – local or general anesthesia. The cuts are usually made behind the ear, so you can remove the excess cartilage and put on the modelling sutures. As a result, scars are almost invisible. The operation takes about an hour, and the patient can return home almost immediately. Sutures are removed after 7 days.



After surgery, the ears are wrapped with a special dressing to keep them in the proper position during treatment. After removing the dressing for another week or two, wear a special band. Ear surgery is usually associated with slight discomfort and pain – adults are returned to their daily activities after only one week. Children usually require a slightly longer convalescence – about 2 weeks. The results of otoplasty are permanent. Ear surgery is quite simple, but for many patients a very significant treatment. It can definitely affect the quality of life and self-confidence, both adults and children.