Secondary breast surgery

Secondary breast surgery


Correction of breasts consists in removing the implants and replacing them with new ones. When deciding on re-operation, it is worth considering other options to improve the appearance of the breast. It should be borne in mind that for many reasons the second operation may be more complicated. The doctor’s experience is crucial to make it safe and successful. A detailed discussion of the expectations of the surgeon is very important, because thanks to this he can fully understand them and suggest the best method leading to the desired effect.


For whom?

Secondary breast surgery is for women who have found themselves in the following situations:

  • They want to replace current implants with a different size or change their shape
  • Implant fracture
  • A contracture of the connective tissue bag around the implant
  • Their breasts became asymmetrical after the first operation
  • Nipple changed its position
  • The breasts began to fall, which requires a lift


Correction of the breast – before surgery

Initial consultation is aimed at finding the reasons for dissatisfaction with the current appearance of the breast and finding the best solution to improve the situation. The doctor will prepare an operation plan tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the patient.


Breast revision methods

There are two basic methods to achieve the desired effect in the situation of a breast reoperation:


  • Implant replacement – current implants are removed and replaced with new ones. This method is used to change the size or shape of the breast. Such a breast correction is also recommended when one of the implants breaks.


  • Removing the implants and returning to the original size – in some cases, breast lifting may be performed at the same time as removing the implant to recreate the more youthful appearance of the breast



Some patients may opt for an innovative procedure known as natural breast augmentation. Correction of the breast by this method begins by removing unwanted excess fat from other areas of the body, such as the abdomen, buttocks or thighs. The removed fat cells are cleaned and injected into the breasts, giving them a beautiful, natural shape. This might be stage procedure.


What secondary breast surgery looks like

The vast majority of treatments are performed under general anesthesia. Operational access whenever possible is in place of old scars to minimize their number. Dissolved sutures are used to close the wound and leave as thin as possible scar. Surgery might take around 90-120 minutes. Depends what kind of treatment is used drains might be inserted.



Depending on the type of anesthesia, you can return home the very next day. In the first days after surgery, pain will be relieved by oral medications. Return to daily activities is possible after the first week and after physical exercise after four weeks.

Regardless of the reasons for secondary breast correction, a personal consultation with Dr. Szymon Kolacz will allow you to make the right decision.