Buttock surgery

Buttock surgery


Unfortunately, the buttocks are also aging. Over time, the skin, losing its elasticity, stretches and falls. The effect of “loose skin” is also extremely severe and visible in people who have significantly lost weight – stretched skin is not able to match the new, slim body shape. A little attractive look destroys the joy of having a new silhouette and wearing new size clothes. Buttock lift comes to the rescue – a plastic surgeon can give your buttocks a new, youthful and attractive look.

This surgical procedure focuses on removing excess skin and isolating areas of fatty tissue from the buttocks. Its effects are long-lasting, and the new look improves self-esteem and gives you the satisfaction of wearing any clothing – from skinny jeans to skimpy swimsuits.


For whom?

For people who complain about:

  • Excess skin on the buttocks, which causes discomfort and even pain (skin abrasions)
  • Significant weight loss or aging resulting in loose skin around the buttocks
  • Dropping buttocks
  • “Dimples” on the buttocks and upper thighs


The best results are achieved by non-smokers patients who enjoy good health. It is also important that the patient has realistic expectations as to the results of the operation. Just lifting the buttocks does not significantly increase their volume, but this effect can be achieved by combining them with a magnifying procedure. The final shape and durability of the treatment is influenced by lifestyle, and above all maintaining a constant weight. To make sure which treatment will bring the expected aesthetic effect, it is worth making an initial consultation and getting to know the details.


Buttock surgery – methods

Buttock lift is one or more procedures performed simultaneously to achieve the best result, consistent with the patient’s expectations.

These procedures include:

  • Liposuction – with which the plastic surgeon “shapes” and “sculpts” the more attractive shape of the buttocks, getting rid of previously unnecessary body fat
  • Thigh elevation – may be recommended if the patient has visible depressions and loose skin in the area from the buttocks to the lower thighs
  • Body lift – lifting the buttocks after massive weight loss, usually this procedure is part of a full body lift.

Loose skin is removed from the entire area between the middle and knees. This is a complex procedure that requires a longer recovery period, but its results can be spectacular and long-lasting.


What does it  look like?

The plastic surgeon makes an carefully planned incision, so that any scars can be hidden under clothing. Through this incision, it removes excess skin and possibly fat tissue (in the case of simultaneous liposuction), and then models the new shape of the buttocks. Wounds are closed with absorbable sutures to make scars as less visible as possible. The operation of lifting buttocks is performed under general anesthesia. Sometimes drains are left for one or two days.



After lifting the buttocks you can expect pain, swelling and bruising in the area covered by the procedure, but these symptoms can usually be minimized with oral analgesics. For a period of at least two weeks, the patient must avoid any pressure on the buttocks. In practice, this means sleeping on the side or belly and the use of a special seat cushion. Return to daily activities usually takes place after 1-2 weeks, but with physical activity should be suspended for several consecutive weeks. By following the recommendations, you can be sure that the effects of the operation will be as expected. Swelling and bruising should disappear within 2-3 weeks. The effects of the treatment will be long-lasting, if the Patient will lead a healthy lifestyle, and what is associated with it – will maintain a constant weight.

Buttock surgery, regardless of whether it is a single buttock lifting operation or combined with another surgery, can have a profound effect on the appearance of the entire body and achieve the right proportions of the body. Make an individual consultation with dr Kolacz to see what effect you can achieve.