Face lifting

Face lifting


The aging process is inexorable. Although creams, rejuvenating preparations and non-surgical treatments improve the condition of the skin for some time, but finally comes the moment of confrontation with the inevitable: only the intervention of the plastic surgeon can bring the intended effect. When the wrinkles deepen and the loose skin ultimately undergoes gravity, a facelift is often the solution. This is the only treatment that will eliminate moderate or even very visible and advanced signs of aging. Thanks to the cooperation with an experienced plastic surgeon you can expect natural and spectacular effects.


For whom?

Face lifting is the procedure to which non-smoking patients will be qualified first of all in good health, because the procedure is safe for them and gives better, long-term results. The signs of aging with which the face lift is doing very well are:

  • Loose, flaccid skin
  • Wrinkles and deep furrows on the face
  • Ugly-looking subcutaneous fat deposits
  • Loose skin around the jaw, along the jaw line
  • “Blurry” face profile

Patients who are considering undergoing face lifting can count on the help of dr Kolacz in assessing the extent of the correction needed and determining the final aesthetic goals. Sometimes, the best results can be achieved by combining different procedures, strengthening the effect of rejuvenation by lifting the neck, eyebrows or eyelids or fat transfer.


Before the facelift surgery

During the initial consultation, the doctor will explain what exactly modern face lifting consists of. This method, evolving over the last few years, now allows you to achieve exceptional results: in addition to removing and tightening the skin, it allows for deep penetration into the layers of the face and the change in the location of adipose tissue and other tissues. As a result, a more natural appearance is achieved with minimally visible scars. Before surgery you need to stop smoking for at least 30 days.


Face lift – what option to choose?

There is no one facelift technique that works on all Patients, therefore only an experienced plastic surgeon will be able to match the technique and its operation to the precise needs of the Patient.

Full face lift

This is a standard technique, recommended for patients who need a significant correction. The incisions are made in the hairline and around the ears in the natural wrinkles of the skin, so that visible scars remain at a minimum level. Such incisions allow you to remove excess skin and reposition it. Precisely made full face lifting rejuvenates the appearance of 10 and more years.

Mini face lifting

A mini-lifting requires smaller incisions than a full face lift, which allows faster and more comfortable recovery. However, the procedure has its limitations as to the possible correction. Mini-facelift incisions are made around the ears in natural creases of the skin and along the hairline.

Neck lift

It is often performed simultaneously with the face lift, which results in better results. This operation requires cuts around each ear, as well as a small incision under the chin – using them loose skin is removed and a smooth contour of the face from the chin to the neck can be created. This is a good solution for Patients who have loose skin under the neck, creating an unpretentious “turkey neck”.


What does a facelift surgery look like?

The face lift is usually performed under local anesthesia but might be also in general. The surgery may last for about two hours or longer if it is combined with another surgery. Depends from the method scar might be hidden in hairs, behind tragus and natural wrinkles of the skin. Wound is closed with very small sutures and are removed 6-7 days after surgery. Scar is very thin and linear.



Depends from the anaesthesia you might have to stay one night in the hospital. Patients are often pleasantly surprised by the low level of pain after surgery, which is relieved by oral analgesics. After the procedure the patient can expect bruising and swelling on the face. The latter will give way faster after applying ice packs and lifting the head while lying down – detailed instructions will be given by the doctor when the patient is discharged from the hospital. Most of the patients return to regular classes within about a week or two, when any visible symptoms of face lifting are relieved.

The effects of face lifting can last for many years before the patient notices signs of aging again. If your appearance negatively affects your personal and professional life, consider this procedure as an effective way to rejuvenate your appearance.