Skin lesions

Skin lesions


There are different techniques to remove skin lesions. This is usually a fairly simple procedure that most doctors can do. However, in order to get the best aesthetic effect, it is worth giving yourself to an experienced plastic surgeon. Dr Szymon Kolacz has extensive experience not only in the field of aesthetic medicine, but also has knowledge about methods of combating skin cancer. His professionalism in these fields includes close cooperation with the patient in case of potential or diagnosed skin cancer.


For whom?

Treatments are directed to all people who have unwanted skin lesions. The reasons why patients decide to remove them are:

  • Feeling unwell due to the lesion
  • Pain caused by irritation changes, e.g. by rubbing against clothing or at hairdresser
  • The lesion is increasing, changing colour, itching
  • Doubt of whether change is not a malignancy

Regardless of the reason why the patient wants to remove these imperfections, dr Szymon Kolacz will do his best to provide the best aesthetic results.


Options for removing skin lesions

The choice of the method to remove skin lesions is dictated by their size and location as well as the final aesthetic goals of the patient. The techniques used in this procedure minimize scars and provide excellent cosmetic effect. The procedure is usually performed using local anaesthesia, and patients can usually return to their daily activities straight away. Before the procedure dr Kolacz will check you general medical condition, ask about expectations and provide information about reconstruction options if needed.

Skin lesions usually do not pose a serious medical problem, but they can be ugly and embarrassing. You can hide your imperfection under clothing or makeup, or remove it. Be sure to check out the second option and arrange an initial consultation today.