Breast reduction

Breast reduction


Breast reduction is a way to balance body proportions, alleviate physical ailments and improve the patient’s mental comfort. The operation involves removing excess fat cells to achieve the desired cup size. In addition, the doctor models the shape of the breast, so as to ensure the best aesthetic effect.


For whom?

For women who have one or more of the following problems:

  • Too large breasts that prevent physical activity or wearing certain types of clothing
  • Breasts that are disproportionate to the rest of the body
  • Mental discomfort caused by too large a size of the bowl
  • Recurrent back and neck pain caused by the weight of the breasts
  • Skin irritation and rash caused by abrasions under the breasts


Different breast reduction techniques

The choice of the surgical technique depends on many factors, but first of all on the amount of tissue to be removed. The doctor has several methods to choose from – among them the so-called “Liposculpture” and surgical excision of excess skin and breast gland. The final decision is made by the doctor, bearing in mind the safety and the best possible appearance and comfort of the patient.


Breast reduction – before surgery

During the first, initial consultation, the doctor will assess how much correction the breasts is needed and possible to perform. It will also explain what the procedure is for the Patient to be sure that he makes the right decision. Despite the undoubted benefits of breast reduction, the decision about surgery must be made after obtaining the necessary information and dispelling any doubts.


What is the procedure for breast reduction?

Breast reduction surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. The incision covers the areola and lower half of the breast. If additional tissue removal is required, a horizontal incision may also be required in the breast inframammary fold. An experienced plastic surgeon will minimize visible scars after surgery to help speed up wound healing and recovery. All wound are closed with dissolvable sutures. Scars are thin and linear. During the procedure drains are left. Average time is 2.5 hours.



During the first days after the procedure you can expect swelling, bruising and general pain, which can be relieved by painkillers. Patients are often pleasantly surprised by how quickly they recover after this operation. Most of them return to their daily activities within 1-2 weeks. The reduction of symptoms associated with too large breasts is felt immediately. Improve the appearance of the breasts can be expected within a few weeks after the surgery, when the swelling subsides and the wounds heal. The results of breast reduction are permanent.


If you experience physical pain or other discomfort caused by too large breasts, please contact Dr. Szymon Kołacz. During it you will find out whether breast reduction is the right surgical procedure for you.