As time passes, our shoulders are more willingly covered than we discover, and for some clothes or swimwear we reach reluctantly or not at all. Why is the skin on the shoulders so different? The reason is the increase in the flaccidity of the skin, which begins to form a loose, baggy fold, often called the “bat wings”. You can also notice individual fat areas accumulating in the lower arm, which further impair the appearance of the arms. Loose skin on lean arms is a common problem for people who have quickly lost unnecessary kilograms. Unfortunately, this area is usually very difficult to improve by physical exercise alone.

Arm lift surgery (brachioplasty) helps you deal with this problem effectively. The operation guarantees spectacular and long-lasting effects that allow you to regain your confidence and freedom to wear sleeveless clothes.


For whom?

Arm lift surgery (brachioplasty) is a treatment for people who have any of the following problems:

  • Loose shoulder skin – due to age or sun damage
  • Excess skin on the shoulders caused by significant weight loss
  • Discomfort and malaise caused by your appearance

The best effects after brachioplasty surgery are achieved by healthy and non-smokers. Before the surgery it is worth to achieve a stable weight, because additional fluctuations can affect the results of the procedure.


Arm lift surgery – methods

Depending on the degree of correction and aesthetic goals required, arm surgery may be carried out using various methods. The following options are available:


The treatment is ideal for people whose main problem is too much body fat, and the skin’s elasticity is satisfactory. Liposuction includes small incisions that allow the introduction of a narrow cannula that removes extra fat cells and creates a smoother shoulder contour.

Standard brachioplasty

In the standard procedure of arm lift (brachioplasty), the incision extends from the armpit to the elbow. Great attention is paid to the minimization of postoperative scars by proper placement of the incision and meticulous suturing technique. The procedure can be recommended if you have a lot of skin and tissue that you want to remove.

Extended brachioplasty

Extended shoulder surgery is a procedure recommended for significant weight loss, and thus a large area requiring correction. The incision stretches from the underside of the arm to the side of the chest wall to enable additional skin removal and proper shape.


The choice of the method is made by the doctor after initial consultation and after getting acquainted with the expectations and individual needs of the patient.


What does the arm lift procedure look like?

Arm lift surgery is an operation performed using local or general anesthesia, depending on the scope of the correction required. The duration of the procedure is about 2 hours, assuming that no other procedure is performed at this time. The patient is discharged home the same or the next day. Wounds are closed with absorbable sutures and mostly no drains are needed.



In order for the result of the surgery to be in line with expectations, and the recovery was correct and without complications, it is advisable to take several follow-up visits. The patient can do most of the activities just a week after surgery, but strenuous exercise and heavy objects are not recommended for the next few weeks. The incision areas will disappear and become less visible over time.

Arm surgery is an effective way to remove excess skin, thanks to which the arms will be slimmer and rejuvenated. Please contact us or arrange a visit for more detailed information.