Rejuvenation of the hand

Rejuvenation of the hand


Rejuvenating treatments usually focus on the face, but hands are always visible, which can cause complexes. You can not hide them under make-up or mask with appropriate clothing. The causes of aging of the hands are the same as other areas of the body – over time, the skin loses collagen and elastin, that is, two basic substances that strengthen the skin’s structure, making it smooth and firm. Their lack results in flaccidity and “thinning” of the structure, making the skin look older and less attractive.

With the help comes here a hand lift, i.e. a minimal invasive rejuvenating procedure. Its effects can be not only spectacular, but also long-lasting. A wide range of minimal invasive procedures allows you to work very precisely, both on thin skin and discoloration.


For whom?

The palm lift is directed to patients who have noticed on their hands:

  • “Thinning” of the skin structure, which made veins more visible and “bulged”
  • Loose, aesthetic skin
  • Non-smoker
  • You have realistic expectations


Way to rejuvenate the hand

During the consultation dr Kolacz will discuss your medical condition, expectations and possible methods of treatment. One of the is:

Fat tissue transplant

The transfer of fat to the back of the hand is a procedure that gives a double benefit: removing unnecessary fat from other parts of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs or hips and giving the hands a youthful, fresh look. First, fat is eliminated by means of liposuction techniques, thanks to which the patient gains a slimmer figure. The collected material is then processed and prepared for injection on the backs of the hands. Another advantage of the fat tissue transplant is that the effects last much longer than when using other aesthetic treatments.

The procedure is performed under outpatient conditions under local anesthesia.



After a hand lift, the patient needs less then a week to return to daily activities. The effects of fat grafts are permanent. After the swelling disappear you will notice the final outcome.

Lifting your hands with different methods can bring long-lasting results, thanks to which your hands will look at least a few years younger. Properly planned and performed treatments are an effective way to fight the passage of time.