Thigh lift

Thigh lift


Regardless of whether changes in these parts of the body are caused by weight loss or the passing of time, the visual effect is sometimes difficult to accept. Loose skin makes the thighs “fall off”, and the folds are uneven and not aesthetic. It causes reluctance to wear shorts and swimwear, and even tight pants, under which the legs seem much thicker than reality.

Thigh surgery can solve this problem by restoring a slim, slim contour of the leg, from the knee to the hip. During the procedure, excess skin is removed, which improves the profile and eliminates painful irritation caused by rubbing against the skin folds. The operation often brings spectacular, long-lasting effects, regardless of whether it is performed in combination with other treatments (e.g. liposuction or gluteal lift) or not.


For whom?

The operation of raising the thighs is directed to patients who have an excess of loose skin in the upper part of the thighs, caused for example by significant weight loss, which prevents them from wearing certain types of clothes. People who want to undergo surgery should be healthy and in good physical condition. Smokers should part with the addiction at least 6 weeks before the operation, so that nicotine does not interfere with normal recovery.


What does the thigh lifting surgery look like?

The operation can be performed using two different methods:

  • Plastic surgery of the medial part of the thigh – it is performed in the situation of excess tissues of the inner thigh. This allows the removal of excess fat and loose skin, often creating the desired “thigh gap”. During this surgery, liposuction can also be performed to additionally carve the inner part of the thigh.
  • Plastic surgery of the lateral part of the thigh – focuses on the outside of the thigh, creating a smooth contour. During it, it is also possible to model the buttocks. The incision on the outside of the thigh is usually more extensive and visible. An experienced plastic surgeon will do it to make it as small and easy to hide as under underwear or bathing suit.

The choice of method depends on the expectations and individual aesthetic goals that the patient wants to achieve.


What is the procedure for thigh lift?

Mostly, thigh lift is performed under general anesthesia, and staying home the most often the next day. The treatment usually lasts several hours, due to the precision of cuts and sutures, thanks to which the scars are minimized. Wound is closed with absorbable sutures.



After the operation, the patient receives detailed care instructions so that recovery can be carried out correctly and quickly. One of the recommendations is wearing special underwear that prevents the accumulation of serous fluid and accelerates the wound healing process. Return to most activities takes place after 7-10 days, but with more strenuous physical effort, you should wait for several weeks until you recover completely.

Thigh surgery is an operation that provides visible, lasting results if the body weight is maintained after the procedure. This procedure improves the appearance of the body and restores confidence, as well as the freedom to wear swimsuits and tight-fitting clothing.